We had a player discussion at QuakeCon and for the most part we pretty much all agree 100% we need to go to a newer map rotation.

While I agree with this, I think we still need to be careful and not just take "NEW" instead of "NEW AND GOOD"

I haven't played enough of the new maps to really be able to give a valid opinion on whether they are "good" or not, but I have heard from a few people that they are playable.

Which of the new maps would you consider actually good? What do you think would be a solid 5 map rotation? Tournaments could either cut cold turkey to a new 5 maps, or we could have a transition phase.

I think the QCON map list was a mix of old/new/and current maps. In my opinion, I think you could make an argument that T7, TOX and Cure should stay in the map list for now and we could bring in a Fuse, Delirium, Silence, or Sinister (remember I havent played them yet so I don't know if they're good) to complete the 5 map rotation.