Another journal entry - another state-of-the-art bash script allowing you to avoid Adobe's excellent software.'s flash player has been terrible recently - huge cpu load, framedrops and slow buffering.

livestreamer (and the little script I wrote) fixed the situation when it comes to live streams but watching recorded vods was still pain in the a**. Until now.

Here are few ttyshots for you enjoyment:

There are still some features I have in mind but I've decided that it's enough for myself. If you are using it then let me know and I may release v1.1 one day.
There may be some bugs - I didn't test it enough. Please let me know about them.
I enjoyed writing it and learned few nice bash tricks in the progress. I hope you enjoy it too :-)

# Update: Version 1.1 with Cygwin compatibility is out
# Update: Version 1.2 with bugfixes and minor changes. I hope it's bugfree now. Next release with mentioned features will probably be rewritten in python.
# Update: Version 1.3 with managing and playing videos from disk. From now on justin-player is avaible on github:

Download links:
justin-player-1.3.tar.gz (zip)