Hello everybody,
My name is Michael Lawrenson and Im the founder of a brand new gaming website www.esagamer.com

The website has been designed to provide free entry, cash prized tournaments which allow gamers to participate in regular free entry cash prized tournaments in a ranked and policed community. In addition, the ESA operate pay to play tournaments and head-to-head cash matches, which we take 0% commission from.

A big part of our site is the added social networking features. The ESA provide teams with free, automatically updated micro websites, where teams can post their streams, advertise their sponsors and link social networking sites. The microsite profiles allow teams to become multi-gaming organisations in a grouped profile we have even provided a financial management system, which allows organisation owners to manage their sub-teams credit accounts.

There has been a lot of work, effort and money into establishing a website which goes beyond noise. The system provides a modern environment for all skill levels to communicate and win money.

Im looking to go live in January, where well launch with cash prizes and reveal even more about our model, which we cannot disclose right now. It truly is promising.

Between now and launch the ESA need to accumulate as many visitors, pre-registered accounts and Facebook followers as possible to strengthen our proposition for sponsorship. So please, tell your friends and check out our facebook page, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Best Regards