Vo0: champion in warsow, cpm, and pk. was also excellent in ql, q2, and wow.

Milton: long running qw champion(1v1 and tdm)

Rapha: one of the best ql players ever. had a very dominating run in ql.

Purri: dominated q2 like no other. excellent in every quake game.

Fatal1ty: dominated the beginning of q3, did great in pk, and made a finals in q4. he was also good in qw and cs.

Cypher: arguably the best ql and q3 player ever. did well in q4 as well.

Toxiq: owned everybody in q4 and was a legendary q3 player. known more for tdm in q3 tho.

who is the greatest FPS player out of these 7?


say a new hardcore fps is coming out and there will be a million dollar prize for a tournament after 1 year. each guy decides to participate and put their all into it.
which guy would come out on top?

btw, this fps would even be more hardcore than cpm or quakeworld, it would make painkiller and quakelive look like tiddlywinks.