My clan, [?!] aka. utterly mad is looking for members in EU. We are a low-skilled TDM clan, but we accept players from any kind of skill level. What we are looking for:

- Currently out of our 8 members, 5 has Pro subscription, which means we gladly accept Standard players too, but Premium/Pro are favored.
- Must have TeamSpeak 3, as we regularly use it (no Mumble, sorry).
- Should use IRC. Our channel is #utterlymad.
- Must be somewhat active. (Unfortunatly, for me University duties mean I can't be on that frequently on weekdays, therefore if you have organizing skills it's a huge plus, so that you can organize practices for the team by yourself when I'm away).
- Must live in EU.
- We are a low skilled clan, however, if a player like l1nkin wanted to join I would not stop him. Still, it's more advisable to look for a stronger clan if you're mid or high, as we cannot provide the same practice level for you.

Currently we have 5 practice partners: ChillZero, zTn, druidz, sauer and brainwashed.

Current line-up:
Hungary 24 - leader
Netherlands Prophy - member
Hungary 7ep3s - member
Bulgaria Sn0W_CrasH - member
Belgium veRRo - member
Germany logiia - member
United Kingdom ZiriZ - member
United Kingdom DocPossible - member
Netherlands 005 - mascot

UPDATE: We no longer accept players as we are full.

UPDATE #2: Due to inactivity reasons, we once again open our gates before we enter any tournaments. With the help of this post I found 2 members still active to this day, and in the past 3 months we had many practices. Now, we want to take the next step by entering a tournament, but along the way 2 of our 8 members fell out, and it's rare that we get 4 on at the same time to be able to play. That's why I'm looking for 2 new members.