Explain how Quake Live has a higher skillcap than League of Legends because everyone here insinuates so.

q]Weapon combinations[/q]Weapon contrast seems lacking when compared to LoL's over 100 champions with 4 abilities each and a passive. Also millions of rune combinations with millions of mastery combinations with several different summoner spell choices with hundreds of items and millions of item builds, compared to QL duel's 8 weapons with varying cooldowns and damage.

In QL weapons are avaiable in fixed spawns and are availble 'for free," in contrast to LoL where you have to invest currency in order to get items. Weapon spawns in QL are fast, allowing you to pick up major items relatively fast.

Duel strategy
Duel strategy is less complex than strategy in LoL. With many different lane matchups and the freedom to chose who goes into which lanes, LoL's strategy aspect is more emcompassing. With more players, teamwork is a skill in LoL not found in QL, already making strategy more complex.

Lol strategy include team fight dynamics, objectives, putting pressure on lanes, which lanes should you gank/put pressure on, counterjungling, forcing teamfights, item builds, adapting item builds to enemy team comp, skill maximization, rune selection, mastery selection, summoner spell selection, warding locatons, when to ward, when to play aggressive, when to play passive, banning which champions in champion select, sending which champion to which lane, knowing when to help other lanes, knowing what champions to pick against enemy comp, knowing what champion to pick againsnt a specific lane, adjusting maximization to enemy team comp, knowing when to recall, keeping timers on buffs and dragon/baron, focusing targets in teamfights, knowing kill potential, when to take harass in exchange for a last hit, knowing when to harass, how to bait fights, how to force fights, when to chase, knowing enemy strength, etc.

QL's duel strategy involves setting traps, catching the enemy off-guard, spamming possible enemy locations, timing, denying weapons, spawn killing, applying pressure, contesting control.

Picking up items/ammo
LoL is definitely more comlex in this regard as a player must decide what items he must pick up at which time, and a player must earn gold to buy items. If you buy the wrong item/weapon in LoL, you can be punished heavily. Items are also bought according to your lane opponent and the enemy team.
I guess the ammo system in QL can be comparable to mana and cooldowns in LoL. In LoL you can buy items to lower cooldowns and increase mana and mana regen. You can invest in cooldown runes and cooldown masteries. You can tell your teammate to buy aura items to lower your own cooldowns or increase your mana regen. This makes QL's system of picking up RL ammo at fixed points every couple of seconds weak in comparison.

Spawn system
In Ql, when you die, you respawn in a couple of seconds. In LoL if you die, you can get up to a minute before you respawn. This means that one death can cost you an entire game when teams are relatively even before. If one player gets caught out of position and killed, the enemy team will punish you very hard and win the game. One death can change the game.
In QL, one death is no problem. At the 5 minute mark being down 14-15 is nothing in QL. In LoL if one player dies, you can lose the game. Hell in QL you can still win if you die 15 times in a row. See ZeRo4 vs dkt on Hektik.

A topic that propronents of this idea have discussed is that randomness (RNG) is present in League of Legends, which makes LoL less skill-based. How so? The only RNG things present in LoL are critical chance and Gangplank's ultimate.

Having critical chance is not "pure" RNG. Having 50% critical chance means that out of every 10 attacks, 5 will "crit," dealing double damage. This type of randomness is much more reliable and less random than Quake Live's random spawns, random shotgun spread, and randon machine gun spread.

Another topic that is often dicussed is being "noob-friendly." Duh, LoL is more noob friendly because LoL matches new players with other new players. Level 1s play with level 1s, level 2s play with level 2s. Quake Live is described as being "harder" or less noob friendly, thus having a higher skillcap.

ROFL. Quake Live is harder to pick up because QL matches new players with the top 50% of the population, in contrast to LoL's matchmaking which puts players with equal skill together.

When you match newbies with veteran players, like in Quake, that's not an example of a game being more complex and having a higher skill cap. Just because a new player gets destroyed by rapha doesn't mean the game is harder than newbies playing close games with each other in LoL.