I was looking for the QL thread talking abt QL innovations but could not find it, why not major? Anyway.

I think that it is an accurate observation that most of the players' remark when they lose against their opponent, putting away the regular excuse -that they are drunk or had bad luck -is about their aim, "my rail was sh1t this match" or "I couldn't hit anything with my LG".

As there is a big gap between pros, good players, medium players and beginners, how about creating a few special servers with possible matches between all skillset players, using the following formula, kinda:

Calculate the difference between the aiming of the two duelers on regular servers, based on the statistics in the QL and based on the amount of time the players use with their weapons, and then modify the values of starting health and picked up armor and health, to add to the weaker player at least half the difference that there is between the proportion of their aim? Or it can just use ELO system, and use different test servers till people find out which is the best value (proportion) to be used to give still a bit of advantage to the better player -because penalizing the better player for his better game would be plain stupid.

Let's say that I am ELO 666 and rapha is ELO 12 (according to his age). Then he will start with a good 140 health and for him the values of RA and MH will be 160 and respectively 200 while for me the values will stay to default.

Kind of like the option to play using the handicap, but use elaborate formulas on those servers, while keeping the gameplay basically the same (contrary to the idea of handicap which might make the stronger opponent powerless against killspawns with the RG).