Have any of you been stalked online due to beating someone at a videogame?

I played this guy (Gandeh11-SSF4AE on the pc) a few weeks ago and lost a game, straight away he started talking shit for no reason...


So I'm like, Its late just got in from a night out. And I'm just messing around as I usually roll people.

Play me again and I'll show you what will happen.

He kept talking shit...


Anyway, at his request I brought my A game, stop rushing him and got to 6-0 before he rage quit.


I wasn't actually going to upload these, but a week later he was obviously feeling a bit self destructive and sent me this as I told him I would upload them, but let it go...


He wanted me to stop mashing SPD and I did, but this is why I play casually online, if I play properly, unless its a broken matchup the result tends to go my way and people get upset.