Explanation for developers: why promode sucks

If vq3 did not exist, we could not compare promode and vq3. But vq3 exists and we compare.

I will explain all from the point of view of the duelist.

Why we love quake (vq3)?

1. We like to shoot. But it is possible to shoot in any game. But shooting in Quake is better than CS, COD and so on. Because different types of the weapon. It is more difficult than in CS, COD and it is more interesting.

Difficult, interestingly = it is beautiful for spectators.

2. Not only shooting, but also struggle for resources on map. It is not present in CS, COD and so on. Spectators not simply look at scattering pieces of meat, they look at struggle for resources. They see tactical actions of players, compare them. To supervise resources (RA, YA, MH, Quad....) players use the timer. They remember numbers (to 5 numbers) that proceeding from their sequence to develop the further plans. Then they remember following 5 numbers and so on.

To hold in mind of 5 numbers and proceeding from their sequence to build tactics it difficult and interestingly = beautifully for spectators.

3. Interesting maps, fields for fight. It not as in football - the big green rectangle. Maps play a key role in 1x1 Quake.
Than more interestingly and more correctly map = more difficult to study it, more tactical moments in game, more beautiful moments, more traps. Map scheme is very essentially important thing. The football ground scheme sucks. If the player holds in mind of 5 numbers (RA, 2 YA, MH some weapons) it compares these numbers and develops tactics. Tactics constructs from the scheme map and 5 numbers.

-can i X for this 2 seconds?
-where my opponent, where he will be in 5 second?
-what my opponent do right now?
-how much health has my opponent?
-will he attack me in this location?
-how i can disappear from this point?
-have i enough health for fight in this location?
-how i can deceive him?
-what position on map perfect for me right now?
-what best way to attack him?
-how i can defence perfectly?

The most part of questions is not meaningful if you play on football ground in Quake.

All it becomes complicated when 5 numbers in a head. So considering of routes and so on becomes complicated.

Map scheme is important still because players can wait each other in the latent places and to give each other surprises. It is not possible on a football ground when you play Quake.

difficult map scheme + 5 numbers = it is interesting to spectators and players.

In the conclusion, it is necessary to understand well, that there is a certain complexity.

Complexity in shooting from different guns
Complexity in storing of 5 figures in a head
Complexity in map scheme
Complexity in considering of tactical
Complexity in a combination of mad firing and tactfulness not peculiar to shooters.
Complexity in time distribution by seconds

Complexity gives the big staginess and interest to game.
Complexity gives many players of various level
Complexity makes game professional

All listed fairly for vq3.

Now time has come to look what promoders have changed in vq3 and named it PROmode

1. We certainly like to shoot. But promoders suggest to shoot nuclear bombs. I wish to tell that if i first thrown a nuclear bomb = i win in game. That's all. All dares for 2 seconds. 10 minutes of game are not necessary to us.

I speak about possibility quickly to switch rocket on rail gun.-200 dmg in moment. I know that it not a nuclear bomb, but I feel it in game. Such it is possible in TDM, but only when you with Quad

Above I spoke about struggle for resources (RA, YA, MH...). Why I should supervise them when I can shoot simply perfectly. Simply it is not favourable to me to supervise RA, YA, MH, I should throw a nuclear bomb simply.

I do not need to think of 5 figures, it is not necessary to study map scheme. It is not necessary to consider routes, a site of the opponent. Easier to throw a bomb there is enough.

Interestingly it for spectators? Professionally it?

I think NO! NO NO NO

fuck it!

I think clearly that in comparison with vq3 it's a the big minus for promode. The big minus for staginess and gameplay.
I consider if you have not understood it - you or promoder or is too small, or a numskull

2. When your opponent flies up by your rocket. It automatically deprives of possibility to strafe.

What it is more interesting to observe, how players turn aside (strafe) and shoot or how one of them throws a nuclear bomb and that's all?

It is in vq3, but it is less than in promode. I do not wish to tell that it needs to be cleaned absolutely, for the clear all reasons.

It does game too simple, not competitive. May be it gives pleasure for 2 weeks. But after that you think of such things
I cannot turn aside from bullets
I do not need to supervise map, it is just necessary to get a rocket and I can take away all health

Players duelists vq3 very well feel it in game. But such players as promoders think only about fun.

For me it is too stupid. May be for 10 yo kids it's ok. It is not necessary to transform game in COD, CS and other shit.

Or Quake the best game or the same shit as COD, CS and so on.

3. Now it is necessary to tell about quantity MH, YA, RA on map. In the second point I spoke about 5 figures in a head. That gives tactfulness, complexity, staginess.

It is important to understand that if is not present armor and health on map it is simply stupid firing. Stupid game like CS, COD, but with more interesting firing, as different types of the weapon.

Complexity gives interest and professionalism. Simplicity destroys it. If you think about money, remember that:

Or Quake the best game or same shit as COD, CS

It is possible to mention armorsystem in promode. Except quantity devices it is simplified by the especial system. For example faster armor collects. You cannot collect after a certain limit

It only simplifies the control and does game easy. Easier for beginners and not interesnig.

You should remember:
Or Quake the best game or same shit as COD, CS.

4. Maps in game. I have already written above what should be 1x1 map. What gives interesting map scheme. In this point I will tell about one other aspect. It is "audibility" of map. That Is meant that two players hear actions each other. If I constantly hear
actions of the opponent I do not need to think where it now is. It breaks gameplay.

He cannot surprise me. He cannot catch me. I do not need to consider variants of routes on map, i will always choose correct for this purpose to enter firing. I cannot steal device. I cannot deceive him. Both of us as if play on a football ground.

If you do not understand it, or you never played vq3, or promoder, either small, or a numskull.

Thus audibility depends on a distance. But in promode always small maps with very simple scheme.



Ok, I have written all it shortly enough. It is meant that you understands in Quake enough. If it not so that do not ask me to explain obvious things, simply play more in vq3.

From told above follows that promode is harmful for Quake. We should relieve of this leprosy as from a cancer tumour.

We should preserve Quake against idiotic ideas. And to remember that any game simplifications should not be.