What is an iMsg?
iMessages allow you to communicate privately with other ESR users.
You can use whatever language you like (as opposed to forums where you have to use english language).
Now you can talk with your friends about anything you want that might get deleted in forums for breaking posting guidelines.
Also by iMsging an admin you can suggest site improvements, report site errors, ask about site features and complain about other users behaviour :)

Sending iMsgs
You can send an iMsg in a few ways:
a) click on iMessage: Send link on users personal page,
b) click on a iMsg link in someones forum or news post
a new window will open.
Type the message you want to send and click on the submit button.

Receiving iMsgs
If you want to be notified about new imsgs every time you refresh ESR page then follow these directions:
1) click on edit user link on your personal page
2) select 'yes' in 'iMessages Popups' listbox
3) click on the submit button

If you want to check your Inbox to see new iMsgs then follow above steps (but select 'no' instead of 'yes')
On your 'personal page' you can see how many new iMsgs you have: check the line: "iMessage: Send" if you have new iMsgs you will see a text there saying: "(1 pending)" (or "(10 pending)" if you're really popular :)
To read your iMsgs click on the inbox link which you can find on your 'personal page'.
Click on this link and new page will open. There you will find all iMsgs that you've received.
All the new ones will be highlighted (and 'Unread iMessage' text will appear above them)

Replying to an iMsg
In order to reply to an iMsg you have to receive one first (don't worry, you can send an iMsg to yourself).
To reply someone you have to click on a reply or quote link in his message.
If you click on quote, his whole imsg will be quoted in your imsg.
All you have to do is to click on one of those links, type your message and click on the submit button.

Here you can see all the iMsgs that you received during last 7 days (they are removed from the inbox 7 days after they are sent).
Only 15 messages can be displayed on one page so if you have more then you have to use next page >> and << prev page links on the bottom of the page.
You can also delete them. To delete a message select it (by clicking on the checkbox in the upper right corner of the iMsg) and then click on the Deleted selected link on the bottom of the page.
You can also delete all your iMsgs at once by clicking on the Delete all button on the bottom of the page.
Confirm your action by clicking on 'yes' button (or click 'no' if you pressed the 'delete' button accidentaly).

Here you can see all the iMsgs that you have sent.
You can check if your message has been read - if not it's higglighted and has "Unread iMessage" text above it.
You can also move between pages with sent iMsgs like in the inbox.

Here you can find iMsgs from the ESR - important informations about ESR and outcome of your bets.
You can't reply to those iMsgs.