Hey guys, I put this package called QLPrism together for people who have been wanting to try out Mozilla's Prism and Quake Live but were unsure how to configure it, etc. This basically bundles Prism and QuakeLive with a few extra goodies in an all-in-one package. After installation, simply double click the icon on your desktop to play.

This could definitely be useful if you've been having problems with a browser like Chrome recently and/or you're too lazy to setup Prism. Or if you just want to try something different. It's a lot smoother on my system than Chrome or regular Firefox ever was. A lot of you guys on ESR probably already use Prism to play QL, so I suppose this was designed more with the newbies in mind. Available for Windows and Linux.

Latest version : v4.40 (August 02, 2013)

Official site, documentation, and download: http://www.qlprism.us/

QLPrism Screenshots can be seen at http://www.qlprism.us/

HELP! QLPrism crashes after every second game! -- To fix:

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, and you have this specific problem (able to load the game once, then when you quit, Prism crashes if you try to load the game again, so you must restart) try this:

Go to :

Nvidia control pannel ->
Manage 3d settings ->
Program Settings ->

And add an exception for quakelive.exe file in your "QLPrism\xul" folder

"Threaded Optimization" to OFF

This should solve the problem and does not negatively effect QuakeLive's 3d performance.