On this update id software will Increase "hittable region of players by 10% to more closely mimic the area of the old cuboid region".

So i decide to try how it will be, and i decide that i dont feel +10%. I took sv_cylinderscale 0.75, 1.0 and 1.25. I am played as usual (not hard, the same map).

On 0.75 feels like i am playing on my old mitsumi classic mouse (with ball). Accuracy: rl 9 blind rockes (blind rocket - when you hit 75-100, on lg distance or farther, do not see enemy), lg 35, rg 45. You need to do "sureshots" specially with rail.
Most of all i liked 0.75 :D Because rocket launcher works only in close fights and game seems more strategic.

On 1.0 it is like normal QL. Accuracy: rl 13 blind rockes, lg 40, rg 55.

On 1.25 feels like i am in fragmovie =.) Accuracy: rl 23 blind rockes, lg 45, rg 65. Game seems faster. Cost of every failure has increased. i liked it.
But it is so many blind rockets =( there are a lot on 1.0.

imho: it is needed to decrease rl splash at 10% (or do something with rl speed and splash)
Because when you +back and hear that enemy is coming (or by timing) first thing to do is a blind rocket. Now you can do it on a lg distance, -75, or even two when you know rebound -150 and get none damage. it will easier to make after update at 10%.
Because hitcylinder is increased but doorways still the same -_V