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(formatted per below request)
operator: letís go
Cooller: Greetings to all readers of
....Cypher: yes, greets
Cooller: Today, as I suppose, is Wednesday
Cooller: Wednesday , 2nd of March, 2011 year.
Cooller: My name is Anton Singov
Cooller: Next to me super star QUAKE LIVE - "Cypher" - Alexei Yanushevsky
Cooller: Alexei, I have only one question for you at this moment:
Cooller: What's the matter?
....Cypher: What's going on you mean?
Cooller: What's the matter?
....Cypher: Something is the matter at the moment :D
....Cypher: I don't even know how to answer your question, honestly.
Cooller: When I had a bad grade in school, my dad saw my grade journal and asked me:
Cooller: Anton, What's the matter?
....Cypher: Mama asked same question when I skipped classes.

Cooller: Well, explain, please, the quality of your performance. Why such a -horriblest- performance?
Cooller: However, I want to say that I watched your games. Principally, there were difficulties everywhere.
Cooller: But you just missed it by a little bit.
Cooller: Comment please.
....Cypher: Let's start with your game. Game with you and me, the first one.
....Cypher: Well, everything was not too bad. I won- got control and I won.
....Cypher: But ztn , umm , everything was decided in first moments.
Cooller: I will explain: On my first map I felt unsure, a little.
Cooller: My aim was pretty weak. Plus I selected such game style... "accurate".
Cooller: You controlled me because I allowed you to control me.
....Cypher: no, I did not allo-...
Cooller: You should actually be arrogant on this map. See?
Cooller: On the second map I made my conclusions from the first map.
Cooller: And in reality I left you no chance.
....Cypher: On the other hand I feel like I didn't play well ztn.
....Cypher: I didn't show my full potential as I usually show on ztn.
....Cypher: well ok..
Cooller: let's not butt heads right now.
....Cypher: I lost to Anton. Well deserved win.

....Cypher: What else can I say...
....Cypher: After that I played against spartie.
....Cypher: I already explained the situation to d1monn once here.
....Cypher: That to the left of me there was fnatic, to the right Na'Vi.
....Cypher: They screamed... I couldn't hear very well.
....Cypher: czm and dandaking - really, didn't create any difficulties.
....Cypher: Rapha's game - you saw everything.
....Cypher: Yes, in all, I did play horribly.
....Cypher: I should have first of all, finish you on t7.
....Cypher: And then get out of the group 100% while winning everyone else.
Cooller: I understand, ok. What are the conclusions you will make?
....Cypher: Now I will go home, will analyze my demos...
....Cypher: I will analyze my life priorities. What needs more time..
Cooller: Distribute (time)
....Cypher: well, yea, distribute time.
Cooller: Determine right priorities.
Cooller: How did you come up with this?
....Cypher: some guy told me :D

Cooller: what are your plans for immediate future.
Cooller: Let's just say, 3 month interval. What are your pans for this Spring?
....Cypher: Well ok. Italy is in a month. Will apply for visa.
....Cypher: Will play.
oper: Stermy will make an awesome tournament.
....Cypher: yes, Stermy organizes a championship.
oper: There will be awesome weather.
....Cypher: It's on a shore by the way. The shore of....
oper: Sea-cost towny.
....Cypher: temperature should be nice

Cooller: Well ok. How old are you at the moment?
....Cypher: I am 20.
Cooller: do you have any concrete plans for your career.
Cooller: I mean some particular assignments.
....Cypher: According to my contract I still have to play 2 years at a minimum.
Cooller: That means your fans that follow you absolutely don't have a chance to lose you, yes?
....Cypher: Well, only if I start loosing too often, then maybe something will happen.
....Cypher: Otherwise, I do not have any plans to leave Quake.
Cooller: Do you think you have reasons to worry that you will start losing?
....Cypher: At this moment there's reason, but I think I will overcome this and remove broken points
Cooller: It doesn't just happen, Alexei, that you will always hold the top, understand?
....Cypher: yea
Cooller: And you know, there's such expression: "In order to make a high jump you have to fall down at first."
....Cypher: I fell down more than once already.
Cooller: Accept all these events as positive ones. In everything you should look for positivity.

Cooller: Ok, what else can I ask you?
Cooller: What's with your studying right now?
....Cypher: Everything in normal. I'm studying on my 3rd year.
....Cypher: Finished an exam session just now.
oper: Do you have your student record book?
....Cypher: Of course. I got it with me at all times.
Cooller: Produce it, please.
....Cypher: Ok, I will not open it though.
....Cypher: Here, please, "zalikovaya" booklet.
Cooller: What a dangerous passenger. Very serious.
oper: "zalikovaya" booklet, all A's?
Cooller: Let's look. Complete, complete, complete.
oper: what's your grading system? 10-scale?
....Cypher: 10-scale.
Cooller: kinda weak. But that's ok. Hardship in training - ease in battle.

Cooller: How are the things with Byelorussian education?
Cooller: Is it at all an important nuance?
....Cypher: Of course. Not very good. Just like everywhere now, education isn't at its highest level.
....Cypher: because instructors aren't very good.
Cooller: Do you mean, in particular, quality of knowledge?
....Cypher: Yes, quality of material that they offer isn't very high.
....Cypher: And the "crust"(diploma) you get doesn't carry much weight.
Cooller: Either way it's a very important thing.
....Cypher: Either way, yes, higher education is very important.
Cooller: Agree with me: first thing you go anywhere they would ask you if you have higher education
Cooller: and which institute you graduated from.
Cooller: Do agree.
....Cypher: Of course. Every person should have higher education. Or, even better if two of them.
....Cypher: I want to get a second degree.

Cooller: Next question
Cooller: As well as I know I know you went to razer booth. What's there?
....Cypher: There was a photosession, made a few photos.
Cooller: What was this photosession like?
....Cypher: Some man shoved me against the wall and ... started making photos.
oper: Were there any girls in the frame?
....Cypher: No, regrettably, not like in Kiev.
Cooller: why did they do it?
....Cypher: well I dunno, maybe PR.
Cooller: ...if cypher plays razer I will go to the store and by razer
....Cypher: something like that
Cooller: It's clear.
....Cypher: Let them photograph, I don't mind.

Cooller: What would you say about the tour?
....Cypher: Overall, I don't really like to come to Germany.
....Cypher: It just happens that I dont like coming here.
Cooller: Maybe because you don't perform here very well?
....Cypher: The situation is simple not the best.
....Cypher: Not really, not about performance.
....Cypher: Especially at this time of the year.
....Cypher: I like summer tournaments a lot.
....Cypher: When you come outside and it's sunny, warm, excellent.
....Cypher: Organization of this tournament is excellent. They just had some sound issues in the competition area.
....Cypher: They need to correct that
....Cypher: Otherwise, everything is excellent.

Cooller: ok, great. You are now 20 years old. What are you life time goals?
....Cypher: The most usual, human goals. House, car, girl, financial prosperity.
oper: But what about the family?
....Cypher: family is of course in the 1st place. Relatives and close people to me.
oper: We know that your father supports you a lot.
oper: He comes to your games
oper Stays around to make sure you feel his presence.
....Cypher: Yea, my father lives in Moscow.
....Cypher: And since we've had a lot of tournaments in Moscow
....Cypher: Such as Giga games, ASUS, many of those
....Cypher: So he supported me a lot, picked me up from trains, took me everywhere.
Cooller: provided (english)SuPPoRt :D
....Cypher: YeZ :D
....Cypher: For which I am very grateful to him. I love him. We have good relationship.

Cooller: I think we will wrap up. It's windy and cold regardless of sunny weather.
oper: yes, it's cold
Cooller: we need to go in doors and warm up a little
Cooller: Thanks to everyone. I hope everyone would like it
....Cypher: Maybe I will take your interview next time.
oper: Yea yea yea, you will question him.. harshly.
Cooller: Thank you for "operatormansship".
....Cypher: Thanks everyone.

....Cypher: By the way we can film this -->
....Cypher: some car
Cooller: By the way, we are observing a situation here:
Cooller: Some type of a testing or presentation track
Cooller: Something is driving around..
Cooller: I think this is Mercedes SLR
Cooller: Estimated at half a million euros - MinIMum
Cooller: It has some... serious system under the hood
oper: somewhere there
oper: We can zoom in.

oper: Yea, topic of automobiles is harsh. We all want to ride beautiful cars.
oper: This is Andrei, he took pictures for you guys.
oper: he's shy we don't film him
oper: Ok guys, let's go inside