Scheduled: 18:00 GMT, 26 January 2011 to 22:59 GMT, 26 January 2011
Schedule: Passed

Lowlandlions Quakelive Cups continues in 2011, the winner wins a Sennheiser PC330D G4ME.
Quake Live Open is going live at Wednesday 26 January 2011 at 18:00 GMT. With a Single Elimination Play-off, the attendees will play matches in a best of one(bo1) format, until the quarter finals. The quarter finals till finals will be played in a best of three format.

cup_gold Belarus Cypher (Sennheiser PC330D)
cup_silver Russia Cooller (PureTrak Stealth + glidz)
cup_bronze Russia Agent (G Data Internet Security)
4th Russia Alfaomega

Source: LLL: QL Open - mIRC #Lowlandlions - Brackets
Stream: LevelupTV - c58 - VODS