This topic is aimed for german quake players.

I know this is an international page but i hope to reach a lot more people than i already did, and i think it might be interesting how QuakeLive is treatened

Long story short:
The ESL decided to stop the german EPS for QuakeLive after 2 Seasons. They say QuakeLive isnt interesting to viewers and replaced it with games like Trackmania.

The players and the german community feels mistreatened, because it was the ESL that decided to put the EMS playdays exactly on the same time like the EPS playdays. So they rarely showed the EPS games on ESL-TV.
Besides that they decided to give Quakelive only one IFNG in this season and they are showing QL on the EPS FINALS for only 30 minutes.
No wonder you dont get any viewers if you dont show shit eh?

In the meanwhile they didn't notice that the german scene is growing steadily. We organised weekling tournaments like the ESL Knockout Series, aimed for the non-EPS players, or the EAS Invitational Tournaments
with the best EAS players fighting for that title.
It was streamed by on high-quality streams,and everything has been asolutely free.

By removing the EPS they have instantly cut off these weekly tournaments.

Now we are trying to organise our own league, trying to keep it as close as possible to the EPS-EAS system to have as less changes as possible.
We are trying to have a prizepool developed by a voluntarily buy-in system for the players, and an additional prizepool by charitable donations.

If you've got a rawr interest into this topic, feel free to comment it.

Here are the links to german forums


we appreciate any ideas that could help us.

greets silw