Over the past few months (although really, I should say for the duration of me being with this internet provider) my net has been so up and down. One day I will hit every shot and be able to move around maps flawlessly, then an hour later I will frequently 999, get kicked from servers, warp, lag and do anything but kill shit (derp)

So, whilst I try and sort this out, I've taken to (whenever my net is down) doing a bit of defrag since QL isn't available offline and I still occasionally feel the need to jump around maps, so just load up Q3 instead.

My question is, what's the easiest way of getting into defrag? At the moment I find it rather difficult to do simple defrag maps. My strafe jumping and circle jumping isn't bad - although it isn't amazing either.

What maps would you defraggers suggest getting into to start, and what tips would you give to get better (the sort of tips that "I wish someone had told me that earlier").

Also, is config really that important? I use a very low sensitivity without accel and a fairly low FOV, but figure that higher or both would be a bit more helpful (although I'm not sure how much). Saying that, I do remember this video which kinda puts that claim wrong, although I don't think I could be bothered to do that much vigorous movement with my arm (despite being a lowsenser, I tend to use my wrist more)

Anyway, cheers :]