Alright. I seem to have enough non fiction books for now.

Need some recommendations for science fiction books. Looking for something in the line of the Mass Effect games, which I enjoyed and triggered me to get some new reading material, and is the best reference I can give, since I am new to this. Don't know what you call this genre specifically, but 'space opera', 'hard sci fi' or?

Don't mind a vast series. But if you say "Isaac Asimov, read them all", just please explain where to start or in what order I would enjoy reading xyz author's books. I am also not looking for comedy type book, like Hitchhikers guide. I want to get lost in outer space yo. :P

That is it.

Thanks <3

Update: Ordered the following:

Consider Phlebas - Ian Banks
Ordered Revelation Space - Alastair Reynolds
The Engines of God - Jack McDevitt

Added several others to wish list, which is now at over 70 books :(