The Quakelive and Starcraft 2 groups of the IEM5 Global Challenge Gamescom has just been announced today. Both disciplines will feature 16 players divided in 4 groups of 4.

Also the ESL is offering a few ESL TV Premium keys for community websites such as ours and 5 ESR users will be able to win one of these. We won't run any trivia or raffle, but instead we will hand the codes to the 5 people who will get the most [+] with a single comment in this post.

Captioned pictures, captions from our galleries (post the link), wall papers or even pictures of the ESR logo in some interesting places, are all welcome as long as the main theme remains competitive gaming (Quakelive or even SC2 if you dare). The main rule is to be CREATIVE, because reposts are boring.

The deadline is set for Friday midnight (CEST)! The keys will be given as soon as I sober up on Saturday.

Update: Since the thread wasn't really popular, we'll award 1 user from this post (gratz .syL) and 4 from the "a lot more active" QuakeCon 2010 post!

Update 2: The 4 other winners are Trance, p4r4, ZeritoN and donka!

Links: Groups announcement, Global Challenge Gamescom