Hi everyone, I'm posting here because I experience a weird problem I didn't experienced before and I wondered if someone here have already had the same problem.

Some informations :

I use Windows 7 64b

Wheel Mouse Optical with Intellipoint drivers.

The last version of Q4 available, 1.4.something

USB sample rate for the mouse is 500Hz.

The problem is :

When I'm in the menus or in game, the crosshair won't move if I move my mouse slowly (very slowly). If I move fast/normal it's ok, but if I move slowly (like when you're not in a gun fight) then the mouse is extremely sloppy.

It's quite annoying.

I tried with another WMO mouse with default 125 Hz and it seems it's a bit better...

What do you think ?

Is there a in_mouse command in Quake 4 I can try to change or ?

EDIT : It seems the problem came from the 10.7 catalyst drivers.

I went back to 10.4 and I don't have any problem now with the mouse it seems to be running perfectly well.

Really, I wonder what ATI is doing with their "updates".