This journal is for all the people I see making comments about how I will be retiring.

"Isn't he retired?"
"Retire and keep playing...lOL!"

For the people that apparently are incapable of reading comprehension, i said the following:

"QuakeCon will be my last professional event."

But then later in the blog, I also said:

"Over the last year I've been hesitant to do exactly that [retire], hoping and waiting for something else to come up in gaming."
"Does this mean I'm done with gaming in general? No. I will always be involved, some how, some way, but I will not be able to dedicate DAYS of playtime preparing for events anymore, I will no longer consider myself "pro." Any results, will be simply off natural raw skill rather than dedicated time."

When I wrote that blog, there was literally no events on the horizon. It was a question mark if QL would have another season with IEM. I had just come off two of the worst performances of my life at an event and I was taking way too much time off of work. Also, I've been married for four years now and we're planning on having kids soon to be completely honest with you, so that is also a factor.

Well... no kids yet, job is going smooth, and it just so happens that ESL announced new events, one of which is in New York. All of this taking place a long enough time since the IEM finals, that I might just be able to swing it.

So yes, it is definitely nearing "the end." I just assumed QuakeCon would probably be one of the last, if not the last event I attend, that i can dedicate some serious practice time to, considering most events are being held outside of the United States. I had no idea someone would Major that blog on ESR, but I appreciate the sentiment.

With this NYC tourney, and a pretty clear schedule coming up until the end of the year... yea I might stick around a bit longer. Not sure why some people are so insistent on holding me to it =) I'm having fun and I've done this most of my life, its hard to just walk away, I'm sure many people can understand that. I'm going to hold on for as long as I can....unfortunately I know it isn't much longer, I just do not know how much longer =p