I know bans are pretty insignificant for a free game, but why are you banning people for releasing information that YOU should be giving out, but arent? Why are you making an exclusive club to test new stuff that you're obviously going to release right before quakecon for hype(giving those within that group a large advantage), rather than just giving your game some goddamn content and pay attention to the knowledgeable masses for fixes? Your game is in beta, why is there a beta beta with an NDA(that slasher never even agreed to in the first place, idiots)?

I've been an optimist and player of quakelive since closed beta, but at this point it seems like your strategy for game from the perspective of its health and PR is pretty terrible. For two years, the strategy has seemed to be to add random stuff, occasionally announce a BIG update every few months with literally nothing noteworthy in it, then finally release some stuff right before quakecon. You add literally nothing new while stringing people along saying you're going to do big things soon. It's like you're making a cake with the strategy of adding the icing first and then promising to eventually bake the thing in the near unannounced future. THIS is why the game is not getting significantly bigger and everyone literally hates you.

You need to be more transparent about what is going on, you need to cut the nda bullshit, and you need to stop waiting until quakecon for shit that's obviously been done long before so.




The servers are broke, and have been for the past 6 hours. What a great idea it was to not allow private ownership of servers, eh? Imagine this had happened the past four days(eswc)?

Your strategy of a centralized system with no possibility of private server ownership has just made it impossible for me to play quake, while at the same time has made it impossible for anyone else to release content for the community. You literally refuse to openly accept content that people will GIVE to you FOR FREE, just because they enjoy the game. You should follow the model of TF2: allow custom content, and make what is considered "good" by the masses official. So much untapped potential for your game lies here...

Your strategy of a centralized system with no possibility of lan servers outside of the biggest tournament runners have caused 5 or so lans in socal turn down any possibility of quakelive being supported for their tournaments(that I know of). There are lans like this literally everywhere, and you permanently stunted the growth of your free to play game to grow at grassroots level through local lans because none of them will ever support it. You then have the audacity to go banning people who try to fix your mistakes through making a custom lan client. It's like you WANT us to hate you, jesus christ.