Lovesow is once again hosting a Warsow cup. This time it is the Bomb it with Love! Warsow Bomb & Defuse cup. Our goal is to keep some cup activity and competition in the small, but awesome Warsow community! The cup will run on Sunday the 30th of May starting at 16:00 CET. We will begin with a groupstage first, followed by a single elimination bracket.

You can sign up using Lovesow or by contacting h1o in IRC. I hope everyone will support us by playing or watching! There will be warsowTV. Starting at 18:30 holysh1t will provide a stream and Lovesow will provide two shoutcasters!

Stream: TBA
Download: Warsow 0.5 and Custom Maps.
Links: Lovesow newspost, Sign-Up, #lovesow