... because it chewed through my mousefeet :(

Got one to try out - never been a fan of hardpads but I found a large version for half the rrp price brand new and I had some spare money (I always justify impulse purchases in terms of how much it would have been on a night out or down the pub. So basically, it was a few pints worth... It helps in some retarded way)

Have to say though, this thing is awesome. Somewhat uncomfortable on the wrist for long use, but the feel is great. Haven't experienced tracking issues (on any of my old reject mice either) and the sweat roblem people have mentioned really hasn't been a problem at all. The downside to the pad is the wrist support (can rub against the edge a bit since it's not padded. Usually I hang my cloth pads over the side of the desk) and the mousefeet destruction

Anyway, I hate it because I wish I thought about skates before I used my Xai on it for too long. After a day's worth of use, I turn it over to find the stock mouse feet scratched to fuck (bit of a nobrainer, but still). It came with SS ms glides (useless for Xai) and I didn't want to stick those horrible padsurfers on (they left horrible marks last time I tried them) so does anyone know the best option for replacement feet? Not from the SS site because postage on them is ridiculous (although ideally I'd want SS glides). Dunno about corepad (anyone have any experience with them?) and the puretrak feet I got really aint what I'm looking for (they add a bit more friction then the stock feet).

TL;DR? - Icemats are cool (geddit?)