From left to right: Av3k, tox1c, lysy. In the Czech Republic at LANCraft.

CEBIT Interview

"Czy wasz kolezenski stosunek z Coollerem po europejskich finalach IEM ulegl zmianie?...

...madry na nasz styl gry i nie moze przewidziec co chcemy zrobic :/"


Did your friendly relationship with Cooller change after the European IEM? You must admit, that Cooller's sportsmanship didn't really do him good.

It changed. Cooller complains about everything that's possible. Cypher is lucky, this one is lucky, that one is lucky. I am the best, but you're lucky, lala lala, so for now I enjoy the lack of conversation with him, because I got tired of it. Yes, he's the best, Russia owns, let him live in his dreamworld, but at least behave normally then. I didn't want any rematch. He persuaded me, and then cried that he could have not given the rematch. Then a wave of complaints onto everyone that beat him, those with who he managed to win are the future champions, because they played so genius, that he beat them because he was smarter, and me and Cypher play so stupid, that he is too smart for our style of play and can't predict what we want to do :/

"Po twoim wczorajszym wystepie w finale G Data QL Cup #14 posypaly sie na twoja glowe gromy widzˇw tego spektaklu...

... i z komˇrka nie wypuscili :D, a tacy sa zaradni i madrzy zyciowo :( ojejcia :ASdasd."


After your performance yesterday in the finals of the G Data QL cup #14 the viewers went mad against you. Why did you give away 100 euro to the American, basically without a fight?

The final was moved 1,5 h because Rapha went to eat, i just made an appointment with tox1c, that we will set up our computers and train the last 2 days before the tournament. I had time for 3 maps so I lost the game anyway after the first map, besides my thoughts were somewhere else and that's how I got raped ;D


Seriously. [a short pause] I was playing more or less normal. but I couldn't concentrate, and I didn't want to fly from one place to another, so I fought normally and lost practically 100% of my fights.

Why do you feel aversion towards the people from ESReality?

I don't visit that site since a few years. Already in Q4 times there were mainly a bunch of idiots, that besides their computer don't have much to do and are losers in normal life. They speak about different players in a provocative way. And there they sit, a band of trolls typing shit with their keyboards the whole day and feeling happy because of it. Since a long time already I try to get on their nerves however I can. They also flame polish people. Too bad they're not aware of the fact, that if they would come to where I live in Poland, the kids from primary school nr. 4 wouldn't let them leave the street with their shoes and cellphones :D, yet they are so resourceful and life experienced :( ohlawd :ASdasd.

hf :D