Does anyone else feel this way? Razer makes the worst mice possible by using extremely cheap smelly plastic, buttons are bad, the sensors skip.

Steelseries, I have 2 mats by them now and they are both horrible. I have the SX smooth steel pad where alot of mice don't track on it at all and those who do, make you realise how incredibly bad that mat is. It's basically just a piece of metal that is smooth and then marketed as being amazing for you to use on with your mouse. It ends there. It's way too smooth, it's very cold and unpleasant to use and its just alround terrible.

The other pad, QcK+ - Is fine for playing, BUT when its out of the packet it reeks of the most foul rubber smell, and it takes about 2 months if you "take it out to dry" for it not to reek as badly. But then when you use it, your hand will start to burn after 30 minutes because of god knows what is in this pad, and your hand will smell of the rubber too. That just CANNOT be healthy.

And for mice in general. Are all the korean programers using Razer or Steelseries mice? NO
They are using old Microsoft and Logitech mice, because they are actually made well, they are not marketed for gamers.

If you are in the "Gamer" Demographic, watch the fuck out, because these companies will fuck you HARD