Subtitles are up. Hopefully everybody who wanted to watch the video will be happy now.

This interview was taken by GG.Miker at Dreamhack, November 2009. RussiaCooller answered a few questions from Miker, then the questions proposed by people in the chat. This is as faithful rendition of the whole process as possible.

Source: the Russian version


To watch the subtitled video you need to download it first, from here or here . Then download the file with the subtitles and put it in the same folder with the video file. Most video players will now automatically play the video file with the subtitles shown. The file containing the subtitles should be called the very same way that the video file is called (just in case if you had an idea to rename it). Btw if you notice that English translation sometimes seems shorter than the speech, most of the time that's because Russian words tend to be longer than their English counterparts, it takes more time to say one and the same thing.