Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 12 November 2009 to 18:30 CST, 12 November 2009
Schedule: Passed

The third Qualifier cup of the European Championship will kick off tonight at 14:00 CDT, right before the default time for the EMS5 TDM Round 2 matches. Again, the sign-ups will remain open until 13:30 CDT, then the check-in process will begin. At the moment, a bit less than 120 players already signed up!

With so many players, the cup should again use a single elimination brackets with 128-slots. The first 2 rounds would be played as bo1 and all the other rounds as bo3. The top4 players from this cup will be qualified and join the following ones:

Update: Here are the rankings and the qualified players from this 3rd cup:
1st. Iceland Eyţór "linKoo" Kristjánsson
2nd. Ireland Ciarán "kRoNic" Rodgers
3rd. Sweden Karl "fooKi" Johansson
4th. Netherlands Geordy "geow" Molenaar
The 4th and last Qualifier Cup will be played this Sunday and the sign-ups are already open.

Links: Sign-up, Sign-ups list, Brackets, mIRC #esl.quakelive, Qualifier #1, Qualifier #2