As the topic says, what country (and maybe where in that country) would you move to if you could and why specifically? Reasons not to be taken too seriously. If you say you wanna move to Hawaii, not work, drink cocktails and score chicks on the beach all day long, cool with me. It doesn't have to be very viable.

My choices:

Australia - I haven't been there, but it's kind of a childhood dream. Also, whenever I meet Australians, they are always very forthcoming, fun-loving and chilled out. And everyone I know who has been there says it's awesome.

Japan - Well, crazy society, advanced tech. Awesome environment (what's left of it). Can ski there too! Interesting history/culture.

South Korea - Don't know much, seems like a supercharged Japan. Friend who has been there says the food is good, everyone is extremely friendly. And plenty of hot/cute women there. Very clean. Bit of a Utopia

Mauritius - Sun, beaches, fun.

Oh yeah, I realize Hawaii is not country. Also, obviously already lives in the greatest place so you don't need to tell us!