In an announcement today, Team LowLandLions said they will be releasing Sweden Magnus "fox" Olsson, and that the organization will be picking up Dutch Quaker Netherlands Jeffrey "draven" Debipersad. When asked about the decision, team manager Birger De Geyter said:
" I would like to wish Magnus the best of luck in his future. The time has come for LowLandLons and fox to move on. I am certain he will sign with a great team and LowLandLions will continue its focus on the Benelux market. Draven fits perfectly into that strategy and I am very happy that Jeffrey will represent LowLandLions in the Quake Live playing field moving forward."

While it's understandable that the team would want to go in a more local approach to their roster, Olsson is still one of the best duelers in the world and will be a tough asset to replace. He will be a huge pickup for any team that has the opportunity.

Source: LowLandLions