At QuakeCon we announced a number of new and exclusive awards that we'd be offering to attendees related to their participation in the event. We're very happy to be awarding those with the update today.

For these, and other very special awards, we've created a new awards category called the "Trophy Case." Your trophy case will contain one time only awards that highlight participation or excellence in a designated QUAKE LIVE event, contest, or competition. The first awards in the Trophy Case will be related to QuakeCon 2009, but we will continue to designate other special events, competitions, and unique personal contributions to the QUAKE LIVE community for Trophy Case awards. Congratulations to everyone receiving a QuakeCon 2009 award.

Also for QuakeCon fans, we've added 2 event leaderboards - a QuakeCon 2009 BYOC leaderboard, and a QuakeCon 2009 Tournament leaderboard. To check out who did all the damage at QuakeCon, simply click the links or you can always click Leaders, then click the customize button and select "QuakeCon 2009 BYOC" or "QuakeCon 2009 Tournaments" from the "Timeframe" menu. Remember, you don't need a QUAKE LIVE account to check out the leaderboards, so if you're at the top and want to let someone know how much you R4WK - just send them the link.