The CPMChallenges channel is proud to present its CTF and Duel Tournies set to begin the first day of September. Though the CTF tournament will have some fairly standard maps, the Duel tournament will feature some older and newer maps to players to challenge themselves with. Should make things interesting. The maplists are:

Also, rather than cram everything into a weekend, both tournaments will feature more league-style schedules, spacing rounds out over several days. This tourney is OPEN to European players and teams, but please read the rules for specifics on maps and servers. Check out the list of players and the complete set of rules at these links:

CTF Brackets
Duel Brackets

#CPMChallenges On Quakenet - IRC LINK FIXED :D

Update: Both CTF and Duel tournaments have been postponed until September 10th. Please see "Rules" section of the bracket sites for revised schedules.