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Rating: 7 (38 votes)
Control is a movie about 2 mods: Defrag and CPMA. The cast features NoGhost (PR 1.16) mod players that started playing on 1.32 and somewhat became successful with that.

- Part 1, Defrag, features crazy fast caps & runs, times of those are highly ranked.
- Part 2, CPMA, probably not hardcore frags but bearable I guess. Most of frags are from flag modes (CTF & NTF) but still managed to pop in some TDM & 1v1 footage.

Creator comments:
So for some time I've been wanting to make a Q3 movie. After realizing that my footage is pretty crap.. I needed someone to help me out with that. Fortunately, Nightmare was willing to do it and sent me loads of footage on 08/01/09 (when project started). I know I'm not the best when it comes to editing and/or fragging but I had loads of fun while making this movie and hopefully I get to make another one soon :)