Yeah that's a pretty harsh headline... even coming from someone like me. But after the recent interview with Jarod, I have to give my two cents about the business plan/model of the AGP based on his responses. Also, Special Guest "Weenus" will be joining me to talk about "Community: Helping or Hurting".

Live on Three (LO3) - Episode 3

Airs tonight (Thursday 2/5/09) @ 7PM EST - Podcast and VOD available on the next day. This week's topics include the following:

* Community: Helping or Hurting
* Why APG is Flawed!
* Dream Match-Ups - which two teams / players would you LOVE to see go head-to-head by your command?


Epileptic Gaming #161 - Friday

EG is back. And I'm stoked. Some of you were fans, some of you hated it, some have no idea what you are about to get into :) This Friday (2/6/09) at 7PM EST you can check out the return of Epileptic Gaming with Episode #161 (which is actually more like show 300 cause we were daily for several months).

This week will begin to return to "EG Format" with News of the Week, a look at current game titles, and open phones.

You can watch EG LIVE tonight at 7PM EST at