i can't make this short and simple anymore. but pls, let me know if u have the same probs or have resolved it

Problem --->

bought brand new mx518. it worked fantastic out of the box. i used it for about 2 weeks, then during a game, this massive lag slowly crept into the whole experience.

slowly felt like the mouse was getting slower to respond up to the point where it took like 1-2 seconds for any key action (yes, even keyboard) to respond.

even tracking movement was slow - i would move the mouse and the movement would sluggishly happen.

attempted solution ---->

restarted pc
re-installed drivers
changed setpoint to os implementation
dropped dpi down to 400
tried without drivers
changed priority of drivers thru abovenormal to realtime

other notes ----->

the lag reduced but was still significant after restarting the pc. the keyboard lag was gone.
all the other attempts to resolve the mouse lag issue would bring a very short-lived reduction in lag and then it would go back to lagging; not as bad as 1-2 seconds but still very significant.

any help?

edit --->

I've concluded that the problem is with my PC, since the lag is still there, but not as bad, but it still happens with 3 different mice.

probably something to do with the rendering of opengl/directx gfx, like the one guy said, cos i don't feel the lag in windows.

dunno what to do. im stumped.

pc is not over clocked

core 2 duo 6300
2 gig dual chan kit
windows vista
430 watt psu
250 gig hdd IDE
24x dvdrw/cdrw
gigabyte ds3l
radeon x850xt 256MB pci-e

no wierd shit installed, pc is running with very minimal software
cos all i do is write papers and game on it

maybe if i install some bs junk on it it will start to behave? =o

pleeeaaase let me know if you have any ideas.