"About two years back we (and others) carried word of the FPS-in-development Severity, announced by Wolfenstein 3D co-creator John Romero. The videos and the discussion of the game made it sound like it was full of FPS win, but alas, work on it stopped earlier this year, and the title won't see the light of day. That Gaming Site contacted Romero to ask whazzup, and was told this:
Yeah........ the game was canceled a while ago. I'm never going to announce a game that i'm not actually working on again. :) Sorry!

However, a story quoted on the game's wiki page going back to March says that while the Cyberathlete Professional League, which backed the game, has folded, development still continues at Escalation Studios , whose page still lists Severity as 'Coming Soon!' with no other details."

Source: http://kotaku.com/5049377/severity-quietly-passes