Name: G.I. Jonesy
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People commonly advocate gun-rights in favor of 'hunting'. Humans, while always strong gatherers, have never been strong hunters. What did humans hunt, when still in nature? Did they go after lions, tigers and bears? No... they went after the most harmless of things (cows, chickens, pigs, and fish). Why do you think these beasts taste so good to humans? 'Cause they just do? 'Cause God made 'em that way? No... it is an acquired taste. The rest of our food consisted of things even less threatening (plants and eggs).

Human hunters of today, without tools created by someone other than themselves (and education given/created by others), would be incapable of hunting even the most harmless of creatures. Is that the mark of a great hunter? If we were truly hunters, it would come naturally. We would have all the tools necessary, born into our brains and bodies, like real hunters have (cats and hawks, for example). The tools we have now weren't even developed for hunting. They were created to protect humans from other humans.

We are good hunters like we are good runners or swimmers. If we build cars, we can 'run' faster than anything. If we build boats, we can 'swim' faster. Without these tools though, we are worthless.

Where does the hunter-myth come from? Why does it still exist? Who propagates the myth, and to what end? How can we justify the tyranny of hunting?

I leave you now to ponder these questions. I hope you will put human-hunters under the microscope to ascertain their true place in history.