Hi all,

I noticed many of the pro players opt for custom m_yaw and m_pitch settings.

Some appear to use higher vertical sensitivity than horizontal (Jibo, cha0ticz) and some the opposite, lower vertical than horizontal sensitivity (toxic).

I wondered if anyone had worked out why this is, whether it is to do with how they grip the mouse or simply due to their individual preference. Equally, is there any reason that they pick a particular ratio or are they simply superstitious?

Also, I have been looking at rodcad.be and they have some non-mainstream gaming mice. I wondered if anyone had a non-razer/logitech/microsoft mouse and whether they would recommend any. I thought the zykon and cyber snipa ones looked quite cool. I have an IE3 but am always happy to waste some money if it is going to improve my stats!

Any suggestions are welcome, and feel free to take the piss as this is my first post!