I've been messing up my cfg from time to time and I still don't know on what graphics should I play, and what graphics settings fits me the most, of course in Q3. I really enjoy changing/experimenting things in my cfg (especially graphics part), trying some new stuff and playing Q3 like it was a completely new game. Recently I've been playing on fox's cfg as it's really, really clear and neat. It looks great on hub, and not THAT great on other maps (lightmap being used), as the enemy model it's a bit "too dark" for me. Nonetheless I find his confing really cool.

However most of the time I played with these values:
-picmip 0
-vertexLight 1
-r_mapOverbrightbits 3
-r_overbrightbits 1
-gamma 1
-intensity 1

Only changing from time to time picmip from 5 to 0 alternately. So it basically looks like this:
-my settings: 1, 2
-fox's: 1 (in game it looks a lot better, had problems with gamma while taking the screenshot)

Anyway I'm still not really satisfied with my cfg, as I said I like changing up things... So I wonder how does your Q3 look like and what settings (cvars) do you use. In other words I would really like to see your Q3 graphics, so screenshots would be welcome!

Use Imageshack.us for uploading screens.

Thanks in advance.