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Quake series (and DM FPS games in general) lack one key aspect that might make the games even more complex in 1v1. complexity could be a curse these days, but i think this is for the better. I'm referring to asymmetrical gameplay.

Asymmetrical gameplay contributes a lot to a game imho..
Quake is now like StarCraft with one race.. multiple approaches to a situation would give players more room to express themselves, more stuff to learn and master on the long run.. bla bla bla..

If you're tired of Protoss/Ryu/Paladin switch to Zerg/Vega/Druid
it's like learning to walk again and it's very gratifying.

There are two approaches on this i can think of:

1. the classic characters/class-based system

Pick a character/class with different abilities (translating into advantages and disadvantages), but closely balanced with the others.

What amazes me is how after all of these years of Q1 vs QW vs Q2 vs Q3 vs cpm vs Q4 discussions, so many people still think it's a matter of fact and not just a matter of opinion and taste. -- Godsmurf @ toxjq interview

All the tardwars and dissolution of the Quake/DM scene comes mostly from personal preference over some movement set.. and this is not to be condemned overall.

Instead of cramming together all the movement options (like CPM or Warsow), why not group them in a balanced class system and encourage people to stick with their preferences? then they'll have to fight for their cast to claim: dodging skills > strafe jumping :)

Something like Generations Arena might be a little screwy, but I'm sure a viable system could be designed by the brighter minds of this community.

2. temporary asymmetrical gameplay

I'm quite frankly bored of seeing people battle for armours/MH in high level play (especially in vq3/q4 where there's no armour tiers).

Shifts in armour/mega control are just boring flat.

Someone proposed a while ago some sort of passive powerup system.. when combining several powerups you get some temporary advantage that might help to turn the tide, make the game have fewer dead moments and add some more strategic elements besides positioning.

For example:
- a haste powerup that gives air control and slightly more speed..
- a powerup that gives you a temporary proximity radar..

or instead of powerups, more map interaction that alters the course of the game.. like you can press some buttons to alter the configuration of the level for a period of time in a manner that suits you better or gives some other advantage:
- blocking access to a weapon your opponent is raping you with
- making some walls transparent from one side..
- moving an armour between two points when you think your opponent goes for it..
- or just moving the spawn points of items on the map.. so you no longer have to just time powerups, you need to find out where they'll spawn (based on some markers or something)

you think of something better :D

(inspired by a discussion on Sirlin's blog and some old Jamerio posts)