Hi there Americans (and other ESreality users feeling obliged to read this journal entry)!

What is the best gaming ISP in the San Francisco area, just based on low latency?

I moved from the land where internet is like LAN and blonde girls beg you to have sex with them all the time, (yes, I am of course talking about Sweden) to San Francisco, CA, USA in May last year. It was a work-related move. Right now I have comcast which... well... I haven't really been tempted to try much FPS games online lately, partly because I lost the touch with all the homies back in Sweden and the IRC culture over there, but also because the times I have tried it has been more than frustrating (latency wise).

The reason why I am asking around now is that I want to be prepared for when Quake Live comes out and maybe play an hour or two online again.

I haven't looked around that much to be honest so any feedback is appreciated.