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Rating: 8.2 (93 votes)
Exactly one year ago I began to collect demos for this movie and finally I get to release it. Its a community fragmovie containing frags from all main gametypes, meaning: Duel, TDM and CTF.
Sorry for the big size, at the start I actually didn't want to create such a long movie (17 mins :D).

Further, I'd like to thank kane for beta viewing and uploading my movie since I got such a fucked upload, could have had uploaded it 1 week ago already :P And also I'd like to thank killat0n for helping me in my previous movies.
And well, also I'd like to thank power3 & yf5 for being so nice mates in our movie-creation team #visual.impression.movies

Length: 17:01
File Size: 728MB
Codec: x264, a DivX Version on Stage6 will follow soon maybe
Resolution: 1280*720

I hope you will enjoy this movie!