Hey everyone

I’m doing a school project about violence in new media’s (games/movies). For that I need some material that I can use. Amongst other things I got to compare how violence works in movies compared to how it works in games, and I have to analyse the use of violence in games and movies.

On top of that I got to touch upon some of the numerous school/mall/etc massacres we’ve seen lately.

It’d be VERY nice if some of you got some links to various sites where there’s info that can help me with that (preferably articles from trusted publishers (big ones, like BBC for an instance).

My plan is already to do a few interviews with some known faces in gaming and then use the Finnish school massacre and that recent massacre in a mall in the USA. Simply because they’re radically different to what we’ve seen (at least the reasoning behind it).

If you have suggestions to something I could write within the subject, that’d also be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.