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Rating: 7.3 (61 votes)
"I made that video mainly for me and maybe my friends but they told me to release it to the public (greetz aoa \o/). The whole capturing and editing was done in 2-3 days or smth. You may have noticed that i dont like that much editing in frag videos :P Dunno what else to write. I like hub3aerq3 (OMFG ORLY ?!?!). Oh ye of course..... FUCK YOU CPL. Greetings to all the members of the angels of apocalypse (<3<3<3), my a-L quake mate diablo and all the other guys there :d the miel suckers, especially party Spartie :D and every sucker i forgot, much <3 :)" - by noctis

Title: love aerowalk (or "<3 aerowalk")
Creator: noctis
Game: Quake 3 Arena
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 5min 13sec
File Size: 184mb
Uncompressed: 15GB
Resolution: 640x416
Video FPS: 50
Codec: XviD

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