Life update-

Nothing changed, working alot, single atm, had a gf called gemma for about a week, decided i dont really have time for a gf inbetween poker, work and seeing friends. (didnt really like her that much anyways, she had a fat ass, plus i hated the way she kissed) Although i probably would make the time for a more fit gf :)

Supposed to be going Las vegas at the begining of march, looking forward to it, i just hope my friend pulls through with the cash so he can afford to go, else i wont be going.

Taking 2000$ with me, shud be enough for a week if i dont blow it all quickly, going to play low limit cash games and sng's, hoping theres enough poker action going on there.

Also wondering if il need any type of visa? i hear about all these pro's going to america to play then being refused in because of visa issuses. how does it work?


ps, suck my balls skint/incrates/and some other dude whos not worth mentioning