being slightly drunk/bored on a friday night and after watching tom's awesome ut2004 teamkill movie from a few eons ago (he dug it up not me catch it at here ) and after this lil discussion

2(120002:121402:120702) 02(pbx02) man tomzizzou
02(120002:121402:121102) 02(pbx02) fucking sexual
02(120002:121402:121502) 02(pbx02) that took me back
02(120002:121502:121802) 02(+tomzissou02) yer
02(120002:121502:122202) 02(+tomzissou02) i havnt watched in ages
02(120002:121502:122202)     02 —›12 quit: 02(12teamFM|FrAnKmSt02)12 02( 02(12Signed off02)12
02(120002:121502:123002) 02(pbx02) btw
02(120002:121502:123302) 02(pbx02) whatever happened to
02(120002:121502:123702) 02(pbx02) THERAILMCCOY
02(120002:121502:124302) 02(+tomzissou02) noone knows
02(120002:121502:125002) 02(+tomzissou02) ive emailed but got no reply
02(120002:121502:125502) 02(+tomzissou02) he logs into ESR occasionally
02(120002:121502:125902)     02 —›12 quit: 02(12infusion-02)12 02(12~foo@bj-217-129-64-75.netvisao.pt02)12 02(12Read error: Operation timed out02)12
02(120002:121602:120102) 02(+tomzissou02) but never comments
02(120002:121602:120202) 02(pbx02) i remember him being quite prominant on esr around that time
02(120002:121602:120402) 02(+tomzissou02) only once :(
02(120002:121602:121102) 02(pbx02) then i remember the whole going to ggl thing
02(120002:121602:121302)     02 —›12 join: 02(12SNP02)12 02(12~iced_math@athedsl-105766.otenet.gr02)12
02(120002:121602:121502) 02(pbx02) then he disappeared
02(120002:121602:123602) 02(+tomzissou02) Last Login: 17 Oct 2006
02(120002:121602:124202) 02(+tomzissou02) something drastic must have happened

i got wondering



[/twilight zone music]