some interesting comment from Camping Gaz who really knows everything about q3 movement

actually, speed strafe jumping is what is mostly fucked up in cpma. getting much speed in real+normal+default+classic q3 is actually more skillful because you have to know the tricks of the trade and those aren't obvious.
in cpma strafing there are no tricks, no specials, it's plain and flat. you can't get much speed out of it, you hardly feel the push and the grain.

it's possible to have exact 125fps physics with variable fps thru careful implementation of a few calculations.
but the point is i doubt arqon wants the physics to be the ones of 125fps, he wants it his way i.e different.

now as i said, it's not very relevant to tdm or 1v1 games.
i'm not against cpma cq3 being the mod used in this cpl.
i'm just mentioning that some arguments for it should remain unsaid because they're untrue :).

Why doesn't arqon tell people that?
that's what people whine about when it comes to cpma's cq3 being different, it's much weaker strafing.

this isnt another request to change the movement.