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Rating: 7.3 (3 votes)
Gametype: Team Game
Map: q3dm6 - The Campgrounds
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: czm
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>> 44594-crezy2.zip <<
(2099KB, 407 DLs)

If ZeRo4 was the Ali or Tyson of North American Quake then czm was undoubtably the Michael Jordan of it. In this demo he shows the extent of his insane aim from snap 90 degree vertical rail shots to lging multiple opponents like he was painting his fence. There are so many times when 2-3 enemies rush him and he health is in the red but still he slaughters them all, often in embarassing fashion, and makes his way to safety.

The real point to be made about this demo is that while some legendary Q3 TDM players like say stelam used the rail in a very task-orientated fashion and often purposely waited for shots they were certain they could hit czm's style if one of complete aggression - he goes for every shot when he has the rail out, regardless of difficulty, and this makes for very enjoyable viewing as he puts together a one man highlight reel in this demo.