I'm not sure who will care about this and who won't, but I decided to use a blog instead of news/article/column or anything other than a blog to announce that I will be leaving ESReality to write Quake 4 (and WarCraft III) coverage for GotFrag.

GotFrag has presented me with a great opportunity, not only for myself, but to help promote the quake and deathmatch games to a new height. As many of you have noticed (and commented, including myself), GotFrag's current Quake coverage is..below par. They are also the biggest and most mainstream E-sport site on the net, so to have this kind of weak coverage is rather dissapointing. I will now be able to provide all the coverage I do now for ESR, to all the CounterStrike, call of duty, battlefield players who may have never even seen a Quake game before. I'm a quake player, have been playing q2 for 5+ years, and I love it, and I think it's depressing how the scene has dropped off considerably over the past year or two. I want players to switch from other games to quake, and the deathmatch genre in general. That's what this scene needs to gain new players and new interest, not just Q3 players switching to Q4 who then switches to Warsow. I hope, and believe, that my extensive coverage of all things Quake, Warsow, and UT2K7 (when it comes, even though I hate the UT series) will draw new people back into the deathmatch scene, as well as give the deathmatch series the mainstream noteriety it deserves.

I'd like to thank Sujoy for everything he's done for ESR, and thoroughly thank him for sending me to lanwar even though I had problems at the event. I sincerely hope my interviews at the ICS make up for this as I just want to provide the best and most interesting coverage for the viewers, as well as the players. This also goes to all the other ESR admins who have helped me with things along the way, like redeye, tosspot, all the itg guys, 240, carmac, etc etc etc. I'll still be interacting with everyone anyway so it won't really matter :). I'm not sure what my position on ESR will be anymore, but I will still hope to post news stories about Q1/Q2/Q3 or other games that aren't covered by GotFrag at the moment, as well as select few Q4 stories. I will not re-post my own articles from GF on ESR, but I hope someone who finds them up to par to do this for me. ESReality has been going strong for years and will do so without me, people just need to step up like 240 did and help the scene out. But, I also hope people check out what I will now be doing with GotFrag, and not get pissed off when I start spamming the hell out of it like I do with ESR :).

I'm not sure what else to say but...stay tuned!

and HAIL Sujoy.