The game has barely been released and major competitions with major cash prizes has already been announced. After this weekend it was pretty clear that CPL would use the game Doom 3 for the World Tour. It hasn’t been announced officially but with the Winter event having Doom 3 as well, It seems to be the game to play at the moment.
The scene already said that some things have to change in this game, but that seems to be a matter of time.

CPL opened 64 spots today for the Winter event and they are already filled up with familiar faces. Top Quakers, Painkiller and UT players has signed up for this event that takes place in the beginning of December.
To mention a few names: United States of America fatal1ty(Q3/UT/PK/CS), United States of America daler(Q3/PK), Germany SteLam(Q3/PK), Sweden fox(Q3), Italy stermy(Q3/PK), Sweden Aim(Q3/CS), United States of America xs|pain(UT), United States of America cpense(UT), United States of America cl0ck(Q3), United States of America wombat(Q3/RTCW), United States of America Lotus(UT), United States of America czm(Q3/RTCW), Venezuela elpajuo(Q3), United States of America cha0ticz(Q3), Denmark calc(CS), United States of America xyber(UT), United States of America zen(PK), Germany burnie(CS/UT), Netherlands emz1(RTCW/COD), Germany neok(Q2/Q3), Germany zyz(Q2/Q3), Netherlands Vo0(Q3/PK), Brazil reef.AMD(Q3), Germany frag^m(UT), Germany GitzZz(UT), Sweden Z4muZ(Q3), United Kingdom dreg(Q3), United States of America hakeem(Q3), Italy ForresT(UT) are all on the list.
Hopefully, the CPL will open more slots for other players to take part in this very first major Doom 3 tournament of the CPL. I am sure that there will be many more players after QCON that are interested to sign up.

Check out the full participant list of the CPL Winter event 2004.

Update: CPL decided to expand their tournament to 128 spots instead of 64. With 10 spots in the waiting list. You can register from here.