The moment that probably a lot of you guys have been waiting for has finally arrived. The QLAN Crew have started our planning for the next event, which will be held during
the easter holidays next year (April 2004 - note that this date is a 99% probability).

And yes, the event will be held in Sweden - the same town as last time (Enköping)

This time, the event will be held in cooperation with another, called Warfare LAN - which will have approx. 1600 seats. We will have an estimated number of 500+ seats for our part of the event, which are going to be located in the same building as Warfare. This time, we might not only have OSP tournaments, but CPMA and RA3 - maybe a DeFraG/tricking competition as well? Please write your thoughts and comments, I'll try to listen as much as possible.

It should also be noted, for you non-quake players out there, that the Warfare LAN is having big tournaments in both UT2k3 and Counter-Strike, so you guys don't have to feel left out!

I won't tell you anything more, since I don't wan't to make a promise that can't be kept - but the event will be held. That's the one promise I and the rest of our crew are making to you, that the worldwide Q3 scene that is still alive. As soon as we make any progress in the planning/scheduling, I'll update this post ASAP.

If you have longer suggestions or ideas that you really want us to take part of, please mail them to me at: Please feel free to come by in our channel at QuakeNet;

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